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About the methodology

The CV Report and its point system were prepared under the following assumptions:

  • Your CV is your business card and therefore should be perfect.
  • An ideal résumé communicates your personality and traits as an executive.
  • The content is prepared with the reader in mind and should therefore be relevant & concrete.

Therefore, the CV Report

  • assesses the document and NOT the quality of the experience or education
  • assesses every single aspect of the document: from punctuation mistakes to typos across criteria like technical elements, basic information, punctuation consistency, style & formatting, language accuracy or overall legibility.

If you are already convinced, scroll down to request a CV Report right away. For those of you who like more details, continue reading.

What is a Perfect CV?

You will come across different schools and techniques. Some of them even contradicting. There is no one-size-fits-all-kinda solution”, but there are underlying principles that will help you, an experienced manager, navigate through the CV writing process in the 21st century.

Who assessed your Curriculum Vitae?

We are active and retired Executive Search / HR Consultants with usually over 10 or 15 years of business and/or in-house experience as recruiters or HR Managers. And despite our expertise we continue to consult our ideas, thoughts and methodologies with decision makers and our colleagues on the market – to be sure we keep up with market trends.

Your CV

Only 4% of all CVs we receive score between 80-100% on “our” scale. “Our”, because we have, probably, re-defined the word perfection when it comes to documents and set the bar, therefore, very high. Nonetheless, Executive Search Consultants we have spoken to and speak to on an on-going basis say, that they receive between 5-10% “good CVs” with an upward tendency.

That is good news for you! It’s still relatively easy to positively stand out among other candidates.

Please note that the CV Report is not generated by software. An Angel spends approx. 30-60 minutes evaluating your CV under a microscope as we operate under the worst case scenario, i.e. your CV finding its way onto the screen of a perfectionist who rejects applications based on bad document quality.

Once you submit the document, we’ll need approx. 3-5 business days to review it.

You are now just one click away from requesting a CV Report – just fill out the below form or send an email with your CV to Bichl.Sandra (at) with the subject: Free CV Report. Important: one person can take advantage of one CV Report. They are not transferable.

We are looking forward to reading from you!

We are looking forward to reading from you!

Your CV* (ideally) in English

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